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Kiran Pundir


With an eye for the real art, Artsaroma started four years back has now collected precious stones and has provided a unique platform for artists from all over the country. Today, they have 150 artists with different hues of artistic talent and culture mixed in their art. With a big bang they organized their first exhibition with 24 artists in U.S. on 24th April, 2010 which was a huge success. According to Kiran Pundir, the director of Artsaroma, “ It was a very pleasant experience in U.S. with artists from different parts of the world. We got an opportunity to showcase our work on an international level which was a huge platform for us and I’m sure the success will follow us.”

Arstaroma is a kutumb, (family) with artists from the entire nation. Here, they share ideas, their concerns and work in an assembly. One can see a huge diversity within the same group. It has brought the country’s art together. Each of the artists is given equal preference and the love for art is deeply understood. For them, every artist’s work is special, the colors that are spread on the canvas are the true feelings of the artist and everyone has a special feeling different from rest of the world. It’s a kutumb for every art lover.

Artsroma has till now, done 26 show will different Artists in different states as well as in different countries, including USA, UK, Bangkok, South Korea, Bhutan etc.